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Something feels off today.

That has been on my mind since this morning. No, this past few days even. But I can't figure it out... what is it?

Today was just like the usual. Woke up in the morning, getting ready for work, bide the owners goodbye whenever I see them, and another hours doing my work in the office. When I got home, it's night already. The mansion looked the same as always. When I got in, the other residents were doing whatever they usually do. So I did what I usually do.

But still, something feels off.

As I sit on my chair, that thought has been concerning me even more. A book on my hand, hasn't been flipped for the past 10 minutes or so. I find myself staring into the wall, thinking.

Serene silence fills my room, which is the usual thing. But at the back of my mind, I keep thinking of some loud screaming, laughing, broken things or even some chaos happens outside my room. Which is weird.

There is something...

Shaking my head, I get up and head to the door. I need some refresher.

After locking my room, I go to the stairs. My mind still trying to figured out things. Everything seems so normal... but I keep on longing for something unusual, crazy even.

"Ah," not really seeing where I am going, I bummed with someone.

"Oh, are you okay?"

"Ah- yes. Yes. I'm fine. Sorry," I bow and bide the girl good evening. She nods her head and go to her room.

That is... my neighbor. She stays in room 308, right next to mine. I think she moved in a few months ago...


Isn't 308 is... his room? W-wait... He moved out a few months back. Right?

No, wait. Was she really just moved in a few months ago? I rarely interact with the other residents, perhaps she had moved long before?

But- he....

I shake my head even more furiously. Trying to dismiss any weird thought that get into my mind as I walk down the stairs to the ground floor. The cool night breeze helps me a bit, but the quiet -kinda- eerie atmosphere don't.

I rub my hands on both arms. Does it always this cold at night? Ah, I should have worn my cardigan.

The kitchen area feels a bit warmer. When I stroll to the counter I see some blue hair poking out from a chair.


The person turns around, it is not the one that I meant. “Oh, Lainey. Good evening,” he said with a chocolate glazed stick on his mouth.

“A-ah! Zen!! Sorry, I thought you were Medio.” Embarrassed, I apologize earnestly to him.

“Na-ah. Don’t worry about it. Want some?” he said while offering a box of sweets that he hold on his hand.

I shake my head. “Thank you, but I only want to get some warm milk. I don’t usually eat at this hour.”


Our conversation died down as we do our own activity. As I hustling around the kitchen, I feel like an idiot that I could think Zen was Medio. I have known both of them for quite long, aren’t I? Zen have been in this boarding house for as long as I remember. And Medio is the owner of this boarding house, I have known him from when I moved here. If there is anyone, I probably think that Zen Dexter or Sinister.

Wait. Dexter? Sinister? Who-

They are the owner of this boarding house... But- no- that’s Medio.

“Uuugghh...” I knelt down at the kitchen counter. This is too frustrating.

“Lainey, are you okay?”

I look up and found Zen already up from his chair. “Y-yeah I’m okay. Just a bit... confused.” I rise up and take my warm beverage to the table.

Zen seems observing me. After a few seconds he asked, “Wanna share what’s on your mind?”

I play with the mug on my hand for a bit. This issue is driving me crazy. Maybe it’s better to talk it out. “Zen, do you feel something is wrong lately?” I started out.

“Umm.. no? Everything is just like the usual day in here, isn’t it?”

“That’s what I have been thinking. But there is just something I can’t grasp on. Like... do you know Dexter and Sinister?”

“Nope. I don’t....” Zen trailed off at the end of his sentence. He seems to be thinking for quite a while. A frown appears on his forehead for a few seconds.

“I thought they are the owner of this boarding house, not Medio. But that is just... strange, isn’t it?”

“Well yeah. Medio is the owner, we know that...” He trailed off again. A sigh escape his mouth as he scratch his head. “You know what? I think it’s pointless to think much about things that’s happening in this house. It has always been that way. Maybe you’re just tired Lainey. You should get some sleep.”

But... this house is not supposed to be that way.... right??

I keep my thought on my head. I don’t know whether my memories are playing trick with my head or I’m going crazy. Too many things that contradicted each other. And then...

“Zen, can you answer one more question from me?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“I feel like... I’m not myself lately. Something is missing. Some part of me suddenly disappeared...” Silence fills the room. I’m still trying to grasp the word I want to say.

Zen doesn’t say anything. He is still waiting for my question.

“He... R- Ryou. He was here, wasn’t he? In this house? In the room next to mine?”

My eyes glued to the mug on my hands. My minds is in chaos. I’m not sure which is real and which is mere imagination. But he... that name. It feels more.

I feel, that he is that important part of me.

The thing that is missing.

The important thing.
TBH - May 2015 Payment
I didn't put Zen's answer because I honestly don't know and haven't asked Ney about it :"D and I think it's better to leave it at is it anyway.

I'm sorry if it's confusing. I'm kinda confused with what did I write myself.... :iconhideplz:

Some explanation on Lainey's condition.
I know Ryou has been missing since... February. So Lainey should have known that Ryou isn't there anymore. But May madness strikes and plays around with her memory. So all she remember about Ryou (and Dexy and Sinny) are all blurs. Well, she obviously closer to Ryou than the troll owners so she kept on thinking about that missing someone, even thou she can barely figure out if it's a thing or a man... lol. Okay I'm confused with myself now.

So... that's that. Lainey is in believe-but-denial position but she will still pay the donation, just confused with thing that I have wrote above. Me too Lainey, me too. And I'm the one who wrote this... *slap self*

I don't have time to draw.... well... actually I have no idea what to draw and I'm still finishing the pict for SS... please don't haunt me :") I wrote this on my way to work, got the general idea and just wrote whatever pops in my head. I do intend to write it with a bit variety of words. By the way, I'm not sure with the tenses. I know that if used for telling stories, we should used past tense. But I'm not sure how to write those in past tense... while some sentences happened in the present, some happened in the past. And I'm not sure to use past tense or past perfect.... or whatever!! *flip table*

Good night.

Lainey (c) me
Zen (c) NeyzaFluodrence
Medio, Dexter, Sinister (mentioned but never appeared) (c) troll owners Kuro-D zetsuzuka
Aryel Holmes (kinda appeared but never stated explicitly) (c) rika48
Ryou (hinted, mentioned, never appeared lol) (c) Blackcaress 
PN - CCTV Club Slimes or Something by White-Opals
PN - CCTV Club Slimes or Something
The CCTV Club member (and ex-member) and our club logo XD Finally post this one. Done a few weeks ago, just put on some finishing and rearranging... and put on some sparkles on Ryan X"D I use white color for the sparkles, so maybe it's kinda hard to see.... it's better on dark/grey background. But Ryan's color is grey so... IDK anymore ;__;

Please do not use without permission, which got from me as the artist and the respective author of those OCs.

Just wanna dump this one and off me go. Bye

1st row
CCTC club logo (c) IceJasmineTea
Adit (c) NeyzaFluodrence
Syah (c) Shushun
Coco (c) miyAasHiin
Karu (c) yukaerin

2nd row
Rasya (c) sowelunee
Rina (c) IceJasmineTea 
Rena (c) Calyx-chan
Sarah (c) me
Karin (c) RisaYamagaki

3rd row
Lopi (c) misschocoholic 
Agni (c) RhysRaine 
Jaya (c) agitarin 
Naya (c) NekuHikari 
Aini (c) yue

4th row
Ujang (c) anim3niac 
Reno (c) chroma-kun 
Leia (c) Enouviaiei 
Putra (c) CLOVERBL 
Ryan (c) JBeanSV 
TBH - January 2015 Payment by White-Opals
TBH - January 2015 Payment
It's been a year since I post anything (lol). I do busy at work... and when I have free time, I usually spend it on games or fanficts lately (or browsing tumblr XP).

Sorry for the lazy payment. I actually want to use the star.... but thinking maybe I should just save it for when I couldn't draw at all. In the next 1-2 months, I'll get busy.... very much. With people taking national exams and school finals and such ._."

One day Lainey is checking her savings and found that her savings is quite a bit more than she usually have. She forgot about the payment, since she rarely sees the twins and her busy worklife. When the residents are shh-shh-ing, she finally remember about payment. She'll pay of course, she's just disappointed that she have to use her saving for payment...

Night2 guys.

Lainey Franca (c) me UvU
CLAC - MOE - PN - Another One of DOUBLE HAPPY BIRT by White-Opals
Jadi ceritanya tanggal 8 Oktober itu udah mau gw beresin, tinggal lining si Coco n diberesin peletakan karakternya. Tapi apa daya... pulang ke rumah jam 10 malam gw menemukan rumah gw mati listrik...... udah ditungguin ampe 9 Oktober dateng, si listrik tak nyala2. Ya sudah tak tinggal tidur. Pulang dari kerja hari itu, ternyata wifi di rumah yang mati.... gambarnya udah selesai gw beresin, tapi nggak bisa diupload gara2 nggak ada wifi... OTL ampe tengah malem yang akhirnya wifi nyala, koneksinya mati idup nggak jelas dan gagal terus upload ini gambar. Ya udah saya menyerah part 2. Hari ini, pulang dari kerja wifi mati lagi.... ku tak tahu mengapa hal ini harus begitu kejadiannya... untungnya ini akhirnya nyala sih jadi bisa diupload juga O)-(

                        Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red
:iconmapleofeden: :iconpusaka-nusantara: :iconclover-latte:
                         Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red

:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMIIII :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:
dan gw juga..... 9 Oktober kemarin X"D

Maaf ini cuma bisa lineart. Nggak sempet ngewarna lagi, ini aja bikinnya ngebut... itu kepalanya Rina aja kayaknya kekecilan jadinya OTL silahkan klo mau diwarna, nanti tak kasih file mentahnya #eh

Ngikutin tradisi tahun2 lalu~ tapi kali ini ngobrolnya via chat LINE. Yah berhubung mati listrik juga jadi aku nggak bisa ke chatroom DA sih ;v; paling nggak ada yang nemenin di LINE, gelap2an di kamar nungguin listrik nyala hiks. Makacih kawan2 Club CCTV *elus2* #eh

Klo Jasmi gambar combo CLAC n PN, aku tambah combo MoE :icondivaplz: emang udah rencana dari beberapa bulan lalu mau bikin gambar yang 'rame', 6 chara lagi ngerayain ultah. Tadinya mau dibuat lebih riweh lagi, tambah aksesoris pesta sana sini, tapi karena bikinnya baru seminggu yang lalu jadi nggak sempet LOL *ngabur*

Terus itu Coco kelupaan digambar name tagnya... biarin ah

Dari kiri -> kanan
Chrystal punya saya
Sarah punya saya
Haruna punya IceJasmineTea
Rina punya IceJasmineTea
Rhea punya IceJasmineTea
Coco punya saya
TBH - September 2014 Payment by White-Opals
TBH - September 2014 Payment
Actually I finished the lining and 50% of base coloring last week. But since I started working from last Monday, I can hardly spent an hour to open laptop. Seriously... OTL my working schedule is : Monday-Thursday 12 pm-9 pm; Friday 9 am-5 pm; Saturday 8 am-1 pm. Can get called on Sunday too ^^" the good thing with this schedule is.... I can still keep my late night sleep time and woke up around 8-9. The thing is, since I arrived at home at around 10... and lately to tired to do anything, I prefer to just head straight to bed (while still playing phone games *slapped*).

Won't probably be active anymore since work is that hectic and tiring... Maybe I'll submit my sketchy doodle at work.... O)-(

So... Lainey's ancestor was an astronomer OvO the idea of 'giving' stars for the Kings are from Nao :heart: I planned to just make her give an odd shaped meteorite stone or something... her design stealed from Black's submission btw. Tyvm Black *flee*

Umm... Good night?

Lainey's unamed ancestor (c) me
King Dexthur of Erebordin (c) Kuro-D
King Sinisthus of Erebordin (c) zetsuzuka 
Finally done cleaning my DA inbox :iconthegloryofplz:

So... how are you guys? I have finished my univ study ^^ and now trying to be active here and at forum again... it's harder than I thought. I have too used to ignore things here and at forum, and just focused on what I would like to do OTL ah, though I don't think there is much problem to be active here again. My only problem is how to be active again at forum... ._. yeah that FFC forum one. Totally ignoring my jobs there (and I still am a moderator... ouch), not only because the place that I moderate have became deserted, I too want to ran away from there.

Gloomy things aside, I'm trying to do what I usually do at holiday... which I can't seems to remember what :icongo-on-plz: so I stick to reading mangas, watching videos (lately watching Gordon Ramsay and some cooking vids), dramas, animes... and still feeling somewhat empty :icongo-on-plz: wait this paragraph become gloomy OAO" time to change to another topic.

So.... I'll be trying to finishing things. Like *cough* Blackcaress request which still stuck on lineart*cough*, my trisome digigirls part with Ayacchiiin and zerou, and lots of WIPs. Well, not this week, nor next week because I'm going on holiday with big family this Sunday 'till next week :icondeyedplz: so so so sorry guys, but holiday is calling me.

Don't really know what to write on journal. Those probably summarize what I have been doing lately...

Umm... good day? :iconhideplz:
  • Mood: Relief
  • Watching: Liar Game drama
  • Playing: HM BtN For Girls... yeah X"D hahaha


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a lazy college girl with some passion in doodling(drawing?) and digital arts.

Currently easy to be stressed of lots of things :iconwtfiswrongwithuplz: I think I'll be less active in RPs, I really really worried with my grade since the past few semester are... a bit bellow my expectations.

Sorry people, net have been evil these days too :iconduckyrunplz: I can hardly go to the chatroom hiks

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:RP List ::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite::iconclover-latte: >> CLAC - Coco by White-Opals Cocona T. Sahne I think I need to redraw Coco's app... someday....
:bulletwhite: :iconservants-academy: >> SA - Alta by White-Opals Altaira Goldfield
:bulletwhite: :iconthe-boarding-house: >> TBH - Lainey by White-Opals Lainey Franca :icontbhlainey: icon made by MieuMew
:bulletwhite: :iconmapleofeden: >> MoE - Chrystal by White-Opals Chrystal
:bulletwhite: :iconpusaka-nusantara: >> PN - Sarah by White-Opals Sarah Nadya Putri :iconpnsarah: icon made by tyoflava

Winning the Valentine Contest at :iconmichiclub: ~#MichiClub Vday2012 Winner by albel-nox~

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