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Almost forgot... if I don't do this ASAP, I'm afraid I'll be to lazy to do it... :iconhideplz:

Rules : copied from yukaerin and or Incross with some editing
:bulletred: The first 20 (or 10, or whatever many I want *slapped*) people's avatar commenting this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their gallery will be put on the list below!
:bulletred: If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place. Nah, I don't really care with this tag thingy, just do it if you want :iconlazeplz:
:bulletred: The idea of this is not only to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone

:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:BEHOLD!! FEAST YOUR EYES WITH THESE AWESOME ARTS:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

1. :heart: :iconincross: :heart:
White Carnation -unfinished maybe- by Incross ConP: Protagonists by Incross Dancing Class by Incross
LOVE HOW SHE PAINT EVERYTHING :iconasdfghplz: and Gill's dance is just too awesome, felt like I HAVE to feature that :iconheplz:

2. :heart: :iconyukaerin: :heart:
PN: SALAH DUREN DAN MELI POKOKNYA SALAH MEREKA by yukaerin  CLAC BS: SURPRADUUUUUHHH!! by yukaerin CLAC MIB: Hikmah ada tapi.... by yukaerin
Bonus : Hector and Lyndis (tracing) by yukaerin :heart:
The first one is so touchy... poor Bangkar :iconrlytearplz: Yuka is very creative with humorous story :XD: and the bonus one... well... :iconheplz:

3. :heart: :iconkuro-d: :heart:
It's Alright... by Kuro-D TBH: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE-- by Kuro-D TBH: Welcome to the Boarding House by Kuro-D
Ehehe :iconheplz:

4. :heart: :iconaddaline: :heart:
all RPing OC by addaline CR - Ruinenstadt by addaline  MM Ch.7-Turning of the fortune wheel-part: FINAL by addaline
Like her style :iconohdoki:

5. :heart: :iconasterisk-sky: :heart:
PN: MOA Charvi WIT by Asterisk-Sky FF: Crystal Savior by Asterisk-Sky MZ: Reflective Salt Flats by Asterisk-Sky
How do you draw those..... OAO

6. :heart: :iconichita--wiya: :heart:
IChiTa's Cake Adopts [80 points // 1/5 OPEN] by IChiTa--WiYa Tropical Flowers by IChiTa--WiYa SA- Etiquette Class Assignment by IChiTa--WiYa
Love Wiya's coloring. So colorful :iconohdoki:

7. :heart: :icontashaj4de: :heart:
.:Memories from before:. by tashaj4de A faint rainbow, a little hope by tashaj4de .: Remembering the P A S T :. by tashaj4de

8. :heart: :iconzerou: :heart:
PN Tarot: I. The Dukun by zerou MOE: GERONIMOOO by zerou enjoy by zerou

9. :heart: :iconsnowshoe-rabbit: :heart:
TBH - On The 3rd Day of Xmas... by Snowshoe-Rabbit TBH - The Breakdown Event by Snowshoe-Rabbit Gift - Clar Birthday by Snowshoe-Rabbit


:new: Sorry that I took sooo long to update this journal X'D need some wi-fi-ing at uni so I can look at those gallery easier plus when I have no things to do. I have been pretty busy these past few weeks :iconlazycryplz: and 1 week from now there will be mid-test omigod.... time flew too fast

:new: :new:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I updated this 1 week before mid-test and now it past final test *killed self*
I swear, univ... you... your dammit lecturer and his assignments... plus thesis... gawd... I need topic. Sobsss

Next year... will probably the same with these months. Stressful days, busy days, lazy days, unproductive days, etc, etc. I really need to cut more unimportant things OTL


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a lazy college girl with some passion in doodling(drawing?) and digital arts.

Currently easy to be stressed of lots of things :iconwtfiswrongwithuplz: I think I'll be less active in RPs, I really really worried with my grade since the past few semester are... a bit bellow my expectations.

Sorry people, net have been evil these days too :iconduckyrunplz: I can hardly go to the chatroom hiks

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:RP List ::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite::iconclover-latte: >> CLAC - Coco by White-Opals Cocona T. Sahne I think I need to redraw Coco's app... someday....
:bulletwhite: :iconservants-academy: >> SA - Alta by White-Opals Altaira Goldfield
:bulletwhite: :iconthe-boarding-house: >> TBH - Lainey by White-Opals Lainey Franca :icontbhlainey: icon made by MieuMew
:bulletwhite: :iconmapleofeden: >> MoE - Chrystal by White-Opals Chrystal
:bulletwhite: :iconpusaka-nusantara: >> PN - Sarah by White-Opals Sarah Nadya Putri :iconpnsarah: icon made by tyoflava

Winning the Valentine Contest at :iconmichiclub: ~#MichiClub Vday2012 Winner by albel-nox~

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Hahah. Thank you watchnya Beanie :XD:
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Thanks for the watch!  I'm flattered that you like my work.  Many blessings in Jesus and Merry Christmas!!!  :heart:
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Your welcome ^^
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Aihhh anakku *A* jadi pingin gambar Lainey pake baju ituu hwaaaa *peluk2 Yuka*
yukaerin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
kebetulan nemu di tumblr, kaget karena mirip.
bener2 imut bajunya, cocok ama Lainey > w <
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Belated bird day present :…
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Yandemoe as in yandere and moe? :iconinglipplz:

why the random theme X'D

let's just say maybe... someday #foreverprocas #foreverbusytoo *flee watching anime*
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