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TBH - Random Doodle 2 by White-Opals
TBH - Random Doodle 2
Another random doodle, done in an hour :iconlazeplz:

Why heart glasses? Ask Zet... Zet said Lainey should wear heart shaped glasses. The one that I draw is kind of heart shaped sunglasses thou, not regular glasses lol

Actually I do want to draw (doodle) a close up pict of Lainey. Because I want to draw her with her real eye color. Lainey wears contact lens, colored contact actually, so her real eye color is covered (I only ever say it once at an RP long time ago lol). The reason... is related to her background but I'm too lazy to write it down so next time maybe? #shot

Now I'm kinda confused. Let her eye color be blue or red (but wear blue lens lol).

Lainey (c) me
TBH - Dump Art 2 - Trying Glasses by White-Opals
TBH - Dump Art 2 - Trying Glasses
I have this sketched in my sketchbook at May 2014 X"D actually just wanna redraw it digitally and dump it here, but somehow I added some color (just gray actually). There should be a random shop keeper there but I'm too lazy to draw it

IDK what to write.... :iconlazyrollplz:

Lainey (c) me
Ryou (c) Blackcaress 
MoE - Daisy by White-Opals
MoE - Daisy
Actually... this is suppose to be some kind of doodle... small canvas, simple drawing, and should be done in 1 or 2 hours. But when I got into her hair things just went... too detailed. And then I was maso enough to draw those flowers one by one :icongodwhyplz: and the mood just felt sooo right to continuing this pict even thou it's 12 a.m.

So yeah. When this pict is done, I'm really regretting my choice of canvas size *weep*

The main point should be the white flowers (daisy) but I hope I didn't put too much of those pink-redish flower :"D but it looks pretty asfghjlgh. Actually wanna draw some lily but it's soo hard... I don't have the energy left to draw them, so I went with simple flowers instead OTL

As usual, I'm sucks with BG so I use something random and simple =v=

I dunno what to comment about the pict itself it's sooo random. I just thought I want to draw Chrystal with flowers.... lol

Chrystal (c) me
TBH - Random Doodle 1 by White-Opals
TBH - Random Doodle 1
Saturday noon... and I have nothing better to do :iconlazeplz:

Wanted to finish more WIPs, but not in mood and wanna draw something so... this pict takes 2 hours to finish btw... I feel so slow...

Coloring this pict was fun :iconsoaparthurplz: I love this 'bright' atmosphere rather than my 'dark' colored picts :iconsoaparthurplz:

Mama!Medio is thinking what to cook for dinner or something. Just another peaceful day at the boarding house.

Medio (c) Kuro-D 
TBH - 'Love' Story from Centuries Ago by White-Opals
TBH - 'Love' Story from Centuries Ago
Continuation from event months ago lol.

Have drawn this months ago but... yeah. Finally done it X"D sorry it's messy and I have no sense of coloring.... randomly coloring Ryouklovia's clothes with purple... He looks like a traveling ninja or something btw :icongodwhyplz:

This happened when Lainey's ancestor was going to see the kings to give them their gift. When she found those Sinisthur and Dexthur star, she also found a falling star that somehow leave a heart-shaped remains corny, I know. Since the wandering wizard -or ninja -or whatever-, likes to give her hearts, she just returned the favor.

I forgot what brush setting that I used to color this >> Wanna make something that's similar but... well... this is what I got OTL

Lainey's ancestor (c) me
Ryouklovia (c) Blackcaress 
Finally done cleaning my DA inbox :iconthegloryofplz:

So... how are you guys? I have finished my univ study ^^ and now trying to be active here and at forum again... it's harder than I thought. I have too used to ignore things here and at forum, and just focused on what I would like to do OTL ah, though I don't think there is much problem to be active here again. My only problem is how to be active again at forum... ._. yeah that FFC forum one. Totally ignoring my jobs there (and I still am a moderator... ouch), not only because the place that I moderate have became deserted, I too want to ran away from there.

Gloomy things aside, I'm trying to do what I usually do at holiday... which I can't seems to remember what :icongo-on-plz: so I stick to reading mangas, watching videos (lately watching Gordon Ramsay and some cooking vids), dramas, animes... and still feeling somewhat empty :icongo-on-plz: wait this paragraph become gloomy OAO" time to change to another topic.

So.... I'll be trying to finishing things. Like *cough* Blackcaress request which still stuck on lineart*cough*, my trisome digigirls part with Ayacchiiin and zerou, and lots of WIPs. Well, not this week, nor next week because I'm going on holiday with big family this Sunday 'till next week :icondeyedplz: so so so sorry guys, but holiday is calling me.

Don't really know what to write on journal. Those probably summarize what I have been doing lately...

Umm... good day? :iconhideplz:
  • Mood: Relief
  • Watching: Liar Game drama
  • Playing: HM BtN For Girls... yeah X"D hahaha


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a lazy college girl with some passion in doodling(drawing?) and digital arts.

Currently easy to be stressed of lots of things :iconwtfiswrongwithuplz: I think I'll be less active in RPs, I really really worried with my grade since the past few semester are... a bit bellow my expectations.

Sorry people, net have been evil these days too :iconduckyrunplz: I can hardly go to the chatroom hiks

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:RP List ::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite::iconclover-latte: >> CLAC - Coco by White-Opals Cocona T. Sahne I think I need to redraw Coco's app... someday....
:bulletwhite: :iconservants-academy: >> SA - Alta by White-Opals Altaira Goldfield
:bulletwhite: :iconthe-boarding-house: >> TBH - Lainey by White-Opals Lainey Franca :icontbhlainey: icon made by MieuMew
:bulletwhite: :iconmapleofeden: >> MoE - Chrystal by White-Opals Chrystal
:bulletwhite: :iconpusaka-nusantara: >> PN - Sarah by White-Opals Sarah Nadya Putri :iconpnsarah: icon made by tyoflava

Winning the Valentine Contest at :iconmichiclub: ~#MichiClub Vday2012 Winner by albel-nox~

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